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Our practice is located in the heart of Kansas City, MO, with additional offices serving Lee's Summit, MO, Overland Park, KS and North Kansas City, MO.  Our goal is to provide excellent service to the community as it relates to auto-immune disorders, allergy and immunology. 

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly.  It is our goal to provide above standard care to our patients as well as their families.  Our group of physicians have been in the medical field for many years.  This provides us with an advantage in the community as we have specialists with a vast knowledge of their field as well as a network of physicians in the area with your care in mind.  


If your primary care physician has referred you to a Rheumatologist or an Allergist we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

About us:



We offer a variety of outpatient services that are readily accessible:

- X ray services

- Bone Mineral Density Assessments

- Phlebotomy

- Allergy Testing and Shots

- Joint injections

- Infusion Clinics



You'll find that your physicians take time to listen. Our goal is to help you the best way that we can.

Diseases That Rheumatologists Commonly Treat:

- Adult Still's Disease

- Antiphospholipid Syndrome

- Ankylosing spondylitis and Psoriatic arthritis

- Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis

- Giant Cell arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica

- Gout and Pseudogout

- IgG4-Related Disease

- Inflammatory Myopathies

- Lupus 

- Musculoskeletal Pain 

- Osteoarthritis

- Osteoporosis

- Reactive arthritis

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Sarcoidosis

- Sjogren's Syndrome

- Scleroderma


AutoImmune Therapy:

An autoimmune disorder is a disease process in which the body attacks its own tissue. We use a range of medications to control rheumatic diseases. The most common drugs are called immunosuppressants.

Immunosuppressant medications are used to treat autoimmune diseases. There are many diseases that rheumatologists treat- including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, autoinflammatory and other connective tissue diseases. To date, we don't know what causes thse disorders.


Talk to your doctor about possible treatment options.



Our physicians are trained to help diagnosis this condition. The diagnosis is based on a widespread pain index and a symptom severity score.  Fibromyalgia is a very difficult medical problem to treat. It can be associated with headaches, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, mitral valve prolapse, dysmenorrhea, TMJ and depression/ psychological stressors.

As rheumatologists, we help your primary care physicians treat this condition. There is a limit to the benefit of medications, so we strongly encourage individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia to seek expert advice: exercise, eat healthy, lose weight, smoking and alcohol cessation, depression/anxiety control, and there are some medications your PCP can prescribe to help you achieve those goals.

Internal Medicine/ Geriatric Care

We have two board certified Internal Medicine physicians that excel in primary care and are seeing new patients. They do all primary care service including yearly physicials and age appropriate cancer prevention screening.

Teaching Experiences:

Our physicians are dedicated to teaching medical students and residents. We also give lectures yearly to the medical students and residents so that we are able to teach future physicians the best way to care for patients.

Hospital Affiliations:

 Although we are not a part of the St. Luke's Health System, our offices are strategically placed near the health system, which benefits our patients and  physicians as our physicians are a part of of the St. Lukes Hospital Medical Staff. We have the duty to not only teach but the benefit of seeing our patients in the hospital when they are sick. We round at St. Luke's Hospital on the Plaza. This allows us the opportunity to care for our patients who are hospitalized.

Our physicians have patients all over the Kansas City Metro area and are available to discuss your care with any hospital physician should you get your care through another hospital. You are our number one priority.



We have a financial policy that you will receive when you are seen in our office.